Frequently Asked Questions


Stingray DJAZZ is the only television channel dedicated to jazz and jazz-related genres.


Our passionate team of music experts program for a wide audience of jazz fans. Viewers regularly contact us with questions about Stingray DJAZZ. The most frequently asked questions are answered below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us at



 Section 1: General Questions

What is Stingray DJAZZ?
Stingray DJAZZ is the only television channel dedicated to all jazz and jazz-related genres.

From the smallest underground venues to the grandest stages, Stingray DJAZZ brings home jazz that you cannot see anywhere else. Our expert music programmers are as passionate about jazz as you are. They only program concerts, performances, and documentaries that touch the heart and ignite the senses.

Stingray DJAZZ will inspire and captivate you with greatest concerts, performances and documentaries from around the world featuring contemporary visionaries, up-and-coming virtuosos, and timeless legends of decades past. All day. Every day.

Stingray DJAZZ is a service of the Stingray Digital Group Inc., the world leading provider of multiplatform music products, content and services.

To find out more about Stingray DJAZZ, visit the About section.
How can I find out if I have access to Stingray DJAZZ?
Visit the Channel Finder section of the Stingray DJAZZ website. Simply select your region and provider to find Stingray DJAZZ in your region.

If your TV provider does not carry Stingray DJAZZ, we invite you to let them know you would like to have access to the only television channel fully dedicated to opera, ballet and classical music. Every time Stingray DJAZZ becomes available in a new region or through a new provider, you will be notified via our website and our free newsletter.
Can Stingray DJAZZ promote my concert, performance or project?
Stingray DJAZZ has a privileged relationship with fans of jazz and related genres. We also have a wide range of marketing channels at our disposal for music institutes, artists and organizers. All Stingray DJAZZ viewers are potential customers for performing musicians, and producers of jazz concerts/performances and related products. for more information or to discuss how we can help.
Can I print Stingray DJAZZ’s schedule from the website?
Unfortunately it is not possible to print the program schedule from our website.
Can I watch Stingray DJAZZ programs On Demand on the web?
Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to watch Stingray Brava on the web.
Where can I find more information about the programs shown on Stingray Brava?
We aim to provide our viewers with the most complete program information through a variety of channels:
  • During Stingray DJAZZ broadcasts, the concert or program title is displayed several times together with key performers and the performance location.
  • Our schedule and website provide viewers with the complete Stingray Brava program schedule as well as detailed information about the programs and other information about Stingray DJAZZ. For your convenience, details about past programs is also available.
  • Viewers of our digital TV channel will find our schedule as well as additional information in the electronic program guide (EPG).
Are programs ever rerun?
It is virtually impossible to broadcast 24 hours of one-time programming. Both commercial and public broadcasting companies have a repeat schedule that includes late-night reruns or second showings of programs later in the season. Stingray DJAZZ is no different.

Stingray DJAZZ owns distinguished and varied catalogue of jazz concerts, documentaries and clips to which new content is added regularly. A program first broadcast in the evening will be added in the following two weeks to the night, morning and afternoon schedule. This allows us to provide varied audiences with the joys of great performances. Our programs are also rerun later in the season, but always in different combinations and at different times. For example, excerpts might be shown during Clips. Performances in their entirety might be also be presented as part of a themed broadcast.
Can I access the schedule of past broadcasts?
You can access the last week of broadcasts in our online schedule.
How do I get in touch with Stingray DJAZZ?
We are always happy to hear from our viewers. Simply visit our Contact page to send us an email. You can also visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.


 Section 2: Technical Questions

Issues concerning audio quality
Stingray DJAZZ broadcasts its programs with high-quality sound. Should you sound quality problems, please make sure that your TV and other devices are set up properly and that all connections are functioning correctly. If the issues persist, we recommend getting in touch with your cable operator. You may also notify Stingray DJAZZ at If we receive several notifications from viewers a same region, we will get in touch with the cable operators.
Issues concerning video quality
Stingray DJAZZ broadcasts its programs with a high-quality video and audio signal. We are aware that video distortions may occur, but we can assure our viewers that Stingray DJAZZ's video signal is never to blame. Should you encounter problems with video quality, please make sure your TV and other devices are set up properly and that all connections are functioning. If the issues persist, we recommend getting in touch with your cable operator. You may also notify Stingray DJAZZ at If we receive several notifications from viewers a same region, we will get in touch with the cable operators.
Other technical problems
If you experience technical difficulties (no image, no sound, EPG does not work etc.), please send an email that includes the name of your provider, whether you are watching an analogue or digital broadcast, and your postal code to:


Section 3: About Stingray DJAZZ programs

Why doesn’t every program start at the exact time indicated in my TV guide?
We do our utmost to provide you with accurate schedule information through all our communication channels. However, since printed TV guides go to press weeks in advance, it is possible that there may have been last-minute changes to the schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
How is the Stingray DJAZZ program schedule created?
Stingray DJAZZ aims to continually expand its schedule with programs from all over the world for a wide audience of jazz fans – preferably programs showcasing a wide range of genres such as swing, bebop and modern jazz fusion, soul, world jazz, and blues.

In the coming years, we will grow our offering with numerous performances, concerts and documentaries in all classical music genres. When a program or theme does not fit in one of our programming blocks we will adapt the schedule to fit the occasion. Please visit the TV Schedule to view our current programming.