Editor’s Choice - Joon Moon au Cabaret Frappé

Sunday, May 27 at 21 :00 CEST


On the last Sunday of the month, the editors of Stingray DJAZZ like to introduce their viewers to a brand-new concert or splendid jazz artist! On May 27 at 21:00 CEST, discover the French-American combination Joon Moon in the special Editor's Choice.

In 2014, in the Parisian Montmarte area, house producer Julien Decoret, drummer Rapaël Chassin, and the American singer Krystle Warren decided to join forces. After ten years of touring with Marc Collin's Nouvelle Vague, Decoret decided to put his heart and soul into a new project: Joon Moon!
Drummer Chassin supports Decoret with producing and the making of arrangements in which jazz, soul, and electronic music blend together. The soulful voice of Krystle Warren was the missing piece of the puzzle in this retro-modern music project! On the evening of May 27th Joon Moon’s melancholic vintage mix of pop, trip hop, folk can be heard at Stingray DJAZZ, in an energetic concert recorded at the Festival Cabaret Frappé!

Sunday, May 27 at 21 :00 CEST| Joon Moon au Cabaret Frappé

The story of Joon Moon begins in 2014 in Montmartre, Paris, in the studio of the very discreet Julien Decoret. The objective of the indefatigable composer and producer was to continue to create, after extensive tours with the formation Nouvelle Vague, and to undertake his own project. Although Joon Moon's name and sound evoke the hushed world of old Hollywood, Joon Moon was born out of a resolutely modern encounter – the kind of meeting that only happens within the starry landscape of the music scene. After taking all the creative and instrumental decisions, Decoret invited his compatriots Raphaël Chassin and Sébastien Trouvé to join him in the studio and on stage.

Musicians: Krystel Warren, Julien Chassin, Raphäel Chassin
Producer: CLC Productions
Video Director: Laurent Préyale
Location: Cabaret Frappé, Grenoble, France
Year: 2016