African Vibes

December 4 to 8


December 4 to 8: save the date! Stingray DJAZZ presents African Vibes: the music of Africa! Enjoy the beautiful voice of “The Golden Voice of Africa” AKA vocalist Salif Keïta. Featuring saxophonist Manu Dibango and master percussionist Mamady Keïta, revel in the richness of African music!
Although jazz is said to have originated in the United States, it is firmly rooted in African music and European classical music. With African Vibes, Stingray DJAZZ presents several amazing concerts that deliver the perfect African jazz atmosphere! 

African Vibes opens with two concerts from Jazz Open in Stuttgart. On Monday, Dec. 4, Malian vocalist Salif Keïta lives up to his nickname “The Golden Voice of Africa.” On Tuesday, Dec. 5, top-tier saxophonist Manu Dibango appears on the screen. Dibango was one of the first African musicians to storm the international hit parades when he released Soul Makossa in 1972.

For the remaining three evenings, African Vibes relocates to various venues in France. The Malian-Berber band Tinariwen augments traditional Tuareg music with rock and pop elements. Tinariwen won the 2012 Grammy Award in the category “Best World Music Album” for Tassili. On Thursday, Dec. 7, kora player Ballaké Sissoko and cellist Vincent Ségal join forces. This duo delivers a delectable musical mishmash full of Malian and classical influences. 

African Vibes comes to an end on Friday evening Dec. 8 when Guinean master percussionist Mamady Keïta makes an appearance. He was nicknamed “Nankama”(“born for it”) by his parents, and nothing could be truer; Mamady is amongst the world's greatest djembe virtuosos!

Monday, December 4 at 21:00 CET | Salif Keïta & Les Ambassadeurs 

Salif Keïta’s music is a rich combination of traditional Malian music with European and American influences. We can hear this in the instrumentation of Keïta’s music, which varies from traditional West-African instruments to Western European ones. The Malian singer was cast out by his family because of his albinism. In 1967 he moved to Bamako, where he started his musical career and joined Les Ambassadeurs (Internationaux). He achieved international acknowledgement with this band in the 1970s. After spending a couple of years in Ivory Coast, Salif has found his home base in Paris since 1984. During this 2010 concert, he proves to be rightfully referred to as “The Golden Voice of Africa”.

Musicians: Salif Keïta, Souleymane Doumbia, Lansine Kouate, N’Doumbé, Mohktar Samba, Ousemane Kouyaté, Djéné Doumbouya, Béatrice Roy, Eddy Emilien, Manu Chambo, Glaucus de Oliviera Xavier
Location: Jazz Open, Stuttgart, Germany
Year: 1995

Tuesday, December 5 at 21:00 CET | Soul Makossa: Manu Dibango in Stuttgart 

Manu Dibango, one of Africa’s biggest musical stars and top saxophonists, is an indispensable artist. He was one of the first African musicians to score a worldwide hit with his 1972 release “Soul Makossa”, paving the way for many other artists. The very concept of world music owes much to him. A superb stage performer with great communicative humour, Dibango is above all one of the founding fathers of a modern African musical style that is open to jazz, R&B, salsa, gospel, funk, and reggae. This concert showcases all these genres, and features an excellent line-up of musicians from the four corners of the planet.

Musicians: Manu Dibango, Daniel Rallo, Jerry Malekani, Frederic Gaillardet, Wiliam Nfor, Brice Wassy, Laurant Coatalen
Location: Jazz Open, Stuttgart, Germany 
Year: 1995

Wednesday, December 6 at 21:00 CET | Tinariwen: Concert Bouffes du Nord  

The Malian-Berber band Tinariwen performed a one-off acoustic concert at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris during their European tour in the spring of 2011. Their music is hardly ordinary: the traditional North-African music style ‘tichumaren’ is mixed with elements of western pop and rock music. The band members’ forefathers, Tuareg, lead a nomadic life in the north-central Sahel. When these nomads looked for shelter in the cities of Northern Africa, their traditional music mixed with the local traditions. In this concert recording, material from Tinariwen’s album ‘Tessalit’ is played. The sight of these Tuareg musicians in their indigo tagelmusts within the famous Parisian theatre adds an unusual dimension to their desert song.

Musicians: Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni, Eyadou Ag Leche, Alegaag Hamid, Saïd Ag Ayad
Producer: Walter Films
Video director: Antoine Carlier
Location: Bouffes du Nord, Paris, France
Year: 2011

Thursday, December 7 at 21:00 CET | Chamber music: Sissoko & Ségal 

Hailing from a long tradition of Malian kora players, Ballaké Sissoko has worked with renowned musicians such as Toumani Diabaté and Taj Mahal. He met the French born Vincent Ségal by chance, and the two began jamming together, uncertain of what kind of music might result. As a former member of the French National Orchestra, Ségal's Western classical training does not prevent him from exploring a wide variety of extended techniques, rendering his cello a flexible partner to Sissoko's kora. A childhood spent in the Pigalle district of Paris surrounded by immigrant communities exposed Ségal to African music from an early age. As such, he possesses a natural sensitivity to Sissoko's West-African style. The concert shows a brilliant interplay between the two musicians and combines the several worlds of jazz, Malian and classical music.

Musicians: Ballaké Sissoko, Vincent Ségal
Producer: Nicolas Lebrun
Video director: Julien Jaunet
Location: Rhino Jazz Festival, Saint-Chamond, France
Year: 2009

Friday, December 8 at 21:00 CET | Hakili: Mamady Kaita's Sewa Kan  

Every year since 1982, the days around Ascension Day have been devoted to the ‘Jazz sous les Pommiers’ festival in French Normandy. This 10-day festival in Coustances showcases a beautiful variety of local musicians, art performances, and renowned jazz names. ‘Jazz sous les Pommiers’ was founded by two local amateur musicians, teacher Thierry Giard and cultural animator Gerard Houssin. Today’s broadcast, a 2009 concert, shows a spectacular performance of master percussionist Mamady Keïta. Keïta was born in Balandugu, a small village in the West African Guinea near to the border of Mali. Before his birth, his mother was told that his name would travel beyond Balandugu, beyond Guinea and beyond all of Africa. She did not know what that meant until Mamady was born: before he could even walk, he would turn over anything that looked like a bowl and he would start hitting it like a drum. His parents gave Keïta the nickname ‘Nankama’, meaning ‘born for it’, and brought him to the master drummer of the village, Karinkadjan Kond. After his education, Keïta started to work with the National Ballet of Guinea, the Ballet National Djoliba. In 1986 he decided to establish himself as an independent drummer. At this point there is no West African music world imaginable without Mamady Keïta.

Musicians: Mamady Keïta, Barbara Bangoura, Souleymana Camara, Baba Toure, Monette Keïta, Cece Koly, Youussouf Traore, Mama Adama Camara, Bebe Youle, Kandet Dioubate, Prince Diabate, Kouyate, Manu Hermia
Producer: Guillaume Dunand
Video director: Thierry Villeneuve
Location: Jazz sous les Pommiers, Coutances, France
Year: 2009