DJAZZ Clash: Funky Saturday

December 9


The last Stingray DJAZZ Clash of 2017 combines funk and jazz manouche. Discover the swinging saxophonist Maceo Parker toot some of the grooviest funk licks and watch today's greatest jazz manouche players honor the genre's founding father, Django Reinhardt. Do you like awesome grooves or do you prefer acoustic riffs? Stingray DJAZZ has both! The choice is yours!

The funk genre, created in the 1960s, was an inevitable repercussion of combining jazz with rhythm & blues. To many, James Brown is considered as the godfather of funk. Funk uses an intense and complex rhythmic groove, yet it employs the same rich-colored extended chords found in bebop, generating an unambiguous and infectious energy.

Funky Saturday opens at 20:00 with Brooklyn Funk Essentials' diverse and soulful concert, recorded at Jazz à Vienne. At 21:00, the energetic, funky jazz of James Brown's old bandmember Maceo Parker wins the hearts of his audience. Let's get on the dance floor! 

A veritable master of all trades comes to your screen at 22:10, as the African multi-instrumentalist Bibi Tanga plays the saxophone, guitar, and bass. Singer, rapper, and tap dancer, this versatile artist was strongly influenced by Curtis Mayfield and the undeniable James Brown! 

The talented, Dutch duo Twogether concludes the first half of December's Stingray DJAZZ Clash with a fitting, swinging finale.

Saturday, December 9 at 20:00 CET | Brooklyn Funk Essentials in Vienne

The Brooklyn Funk Essentials is a music collective that mixes jazz, funk and hip-hop featuring musicians and poets from different cultures. In 1993 the band was conceived by the producer Arthur Baker and bassist and musical director Lati Kronlund. In the mid-1990s, the group became a staple of the New York City club scene. And also during this performance in the beautiful antique theatre of Vienne in France, they give an extremely funky and energetic show that makes the crowd go wild!

Musicians: George Benson, Larry Graham, Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Producer: Zycopolis Productions
Video director: Patrick Savey
Location: Jazz à Vienne Festival, France
Year: 2011

Saturday, December 9 at 21:00 CET | Maceo Parker & Roots Revisited

As a twenty-five year old saxophone player, Maceo Parker played in the band James Brown, but is also known for his collaborations with P. Funk, "Parliament" George Clinton and the "Rubber Band" by Bootsy Collins. Maceo has proven to be star by creating a special chemistry between all the different styles of American black music. As a pioneer in the ‘groove’, he blends funky jazz with roots and blues with gospel. The result is an overheated concert hall with a very enthusiastic audience that completely surrender to the energy of the music. Full conviction he drags his audience along his world and plays his memorable songs, among which the funky song ‘Southwick’.

Musicians: Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis, Ronald Muldrow, Larry Goldings, Jimmy Madison
Video director: Ulli Pfau
Location: Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany
Year: 1991

Saturday, December 9 at 22:10 CET | Bibi Tanga & The Selenites at Zandolive

Bangui-born Bibi Tanga is attracted to groove in all its shapes. When you hear his music, it's quite easy to visualize his record collection: there's probably plenty of Curtis Mayfield and Sly Stone in there, packed in alongside the albums of Fela Kuti, Franco, Gil Scott-Heron and Arrested Development. The musical convergence of Africa, Europe and North America infused his groove with a unique sound. In 2003, Bibi crossed paths with Professeur Inlassable, a studio and electronic music wizard with whom he concocted ‘Yellow Gauze’ in 2007. Together, the two associates founded ‘The Selenites’, gloriously balancing their soul-funk aspirations. Influenced by hip-hop as much as gospel music, soul, funk and jazz, Bibi Tanga’s music evokes a musical kaleidoscopic vision, warm and resolutely urban.

Musicians: Bibi Tanga, Arthur Simonini, Rico Kerridge, Arnaud Biscay
Producer: Guillaume Dunand
Video director: Emmanuel Vérité
Location: Le Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France
Year: 2010

Saturday, December 9 at 23:10 CET | Come Twogether ft. Benjamin Herman

Instead of children’s songs, the sound of jazz standards was always present. They practiced intricate drum rhythms instead of Bach etudes: Simon Oslender and Jérôme Cardynaals have jazz running through their veins! Under the name ‘Twogether’ both youngsters celebrate a very unique and soulful style of funky blues-jazz. They create a sound that leaves even renowned jazz artists speechless. The two, exceptionally talented boys met in a youth big band, and before long they became a musical team. Immediately after that, they won the first prize in the Prinses Christina Jazz Concours in Amsterdam, which got the whole thing started. In this concert, they perform with wonderful artists such as the Dutch saxophonist Benjamin Herman and the American vocalist Madeline Bell.

Musicians: Jérôme Cardynaals, Simon Oslender, Jo Didderen, Peter Hermesdorf, Marc Huynen, Bruno Müller, Benjamin Herman, Madeline Bell
Producer: Paul Verstegen
Location: Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen, The Netherlands
Year: 2015