DJAZZ Clash: McCoy Tyner - Elvin Jones

10 and 17 November

This month, the Stingray DJAZZ Clash series presents a thrilling line-up with pianist McCoy Tyner and drummer Elvin Jones, who were part of the legendary John Coltrane Quartet. While Tyner provided the harmonic basis for Coltrane’s spiritual explorations via his quartal chord inversions, Jones gave the much-needed energy to the lead saxophonist via his expressive playing style. The combined trance-like atmosphere of both musicians resulted in Coltrane’s spiritual awakening, during which he recorded some of the most celebrated spiritual jazz recordings of all times, including “A Love Supreme”.


Saturday, November 10 at 21:00 | Legendary Kongressaal Sounds: McCoy Tyner Solo

Pianist McCoy Tyner’s artistry and innovation embrace a multitude of styles, from African and Latin rhythms to the modal harmonies of the post-bebop era. His amazing versatility has enabled him to excel in a wide variety of settings. As one of the most important pianists of the last thirty years, McCoy Tyner’s richly harmonic and percussive style of playing has influenced countless musicians and contributed to many of jazz’s greatest moments. A pioneering member of John Coltrane’s legendary quartet, McCoy Tyner evokes the spirit of ‘Trane’ in this solo piano concert, a live 1983 recording made during the Münchner Klaviersommer. His lusty piano is richly percussive and hammering, while full of cascading and romantic sounds.


Saturday, November 17 at 21:00 | Elvin Jones' "Jazz Machine"

Elvin Jones is the archetypical modern jazz musician playing on instinct, not intellect. This is the kind of music he has played to perfection since his days with John Coltrane. There are some heavy-duty sidemen in his present "Jazz Machine":  Sonny Fortune and Ravi John Coltrane, the son of the most influential tenor sax player ever.