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January 23 at 21:00 CET

For many years now, the bohemian lifestyle has been romanticized to the extent that currently thousands of art schools across the globe are packed with students striving to become artists one day. Yet, formal education does not guarantee anything, and the overall chances of succeeding in becoming a famous artist are slim. In the field of jazz, prospects are even grimmer, although some ‘lucky ones’ manage to realize their dreams. On Wednesday, January 23 at 21:00 CET Stingray DJAZZ premieres the documentary “Jazz Dreams” depicting the road to the stardom of three young jazz musicians from New Orleans, USA, during a time when the genre’s popularity had been dwindling for a while. The documentary gives inspiring examples of unfading optimism and passion, which help dreams come true in spite of numerous obstacles.



Jazz Dreams follows the lives of three young jazz musicians from New Orleans as they begin their careers: Jason Marsalis, the youngest member of the famed Marsalis family, Irvin Mayfield, an ambitious and highly gifted trumpet player and composer, and Courtney Bryan, a shy but extraordinarily talented pianist and composer. The film explores how devotion to an art form is tested over time by the realities of life and making a living. This, the first version, follows their lives for a five year period as they enter young adulthood.