Cameroon Vibes

June 17 at 21:00 CEST


Join Stingray DJAZZ on a musical trip to Cameroon on the evening of Saturday, June 17. Enjoy the exotic sounds of Dutch-Cameroonian singer Ntjam Rosie in concert with the Artvark Saxophone Quartet at 21:00 CEST. At 22:10 CEST, Manu Dibango’s rich combination of fusion, jazz and Cameroonian music will rouse you!

Saturday, June 17 at 21:00 CEST | Artvark Saxophone Quartet & Ntjam Rosie: Homelands

Homelands is a collaboration between Artvark Saxophone Quartet and Cameroonian-Dutch singer Ntjam Rosie. The music is inspired by both traditional and modern music from Ntjam’s home country Cameroon, (Manu Dibango and Richard Bona) as well as by an Afro-European blend of soul, jazz, gospel and world music. Using unorthodox sounds as the basis of their compositions, Artvark continues to be radical, experimenting with alternative ways of playing the sax. For this project, they explore the world of electronics and effects to create new sounds. Ntjam’s role is divers. She is the quartet’s fifth instrument, recites spoken word, plays (vocal) percussion, forms duos or trios with the saxophones and accompanies the quartet on her guitar. She performs texts in English as well as in French, one of Cameroon’s official languages, and sings in Bulu, her mother tongue.

Musicians: Ntjam Rosie, Rolf Delfos, Bart Wirtz, Mete Erker, Peter Broekhuizen
Producer: Max Boeree
Video director: Max Boeree
Location: LanterenVenster, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2016

Saturday, June 17 at 22:10 CEST | Manu Dibango: Casino de Paris

For the first time in 16 years, Manu Dibango is back into the studio to make, compose and record new songs. Surrounded by a new generation of talented musicians such as Wayne Beckford, Oum, and Passion Pit Bacardi, he knows how to create a unique sound. This sound is a mix of pop, afro-funk, soul, hip hop, electro rock and jazz. In this show in the Casino of Paris he shows this new sound and also proves why he can be regarded as the pioneer of the world music.

Musicians: Manu Dibango, Julien Agazar, Jacques Conti-Bilong, Slim Pezin, Guy Nwogang, Patrick Marie-Magdalaine
Producer: Zycopolis Productions
Video director: Patrick Savey
Location: Casino, Paris, France
Year: 2011