DJAZZ Clash: Hammond Saturday

October 14

October's DJAZZ Clash treats you to Hammond B3 masters and fleet-fingered piano maestros! On Saturday, organists Jimmy Smith and Dr. Lonnie Smith pull out all the stops, followed by pianists Chick Corea and Robert Glasper tickling the ivories on Sunday. Tune in and be the judge!

Saturday, October 14 at 15:00 CEST | King Of Jazz Organ: Jimmy Smith Live in '69

Jimmy Smith: Live in '69 boasts an incredible 90-minute concert from 1969 filmed in Paris. Working in his classic trio format (with longtime guitarist Eddie McFadden and drummer Charlie Crosby), Jimmy shows why he is still the uncontested king of the jazz organ. Highlights include blues jams Got My Mojo Working and Sonnymoon For Two, the classic ballads Alfie and Satin Doll, as well as a blinding 23-minute version of his showcase number The Sermon.

Musicians: Jimmy Smith, Eddie McFadden, Charles Crosby
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Paris, France
Year: 1969

Saturday, October 14 at 16:30 CEST | The Hammond© Sessions: Dede Priest

The Dutch Hammond organ player Rob Mostert develops, in cooperation with Stingray DJAZZ, the program Mostert Meets. In this series, the Hammond B3 organ takes center stage. Rob Mostert invites the world’s finest jazz musicians for a musical collaboration, in which the Hammond Organ plays a major role. The Hammond B3 is an electric organ, which generates sound by creating an electric current from rotating a metal tone wheel near an electromagnetic pickup. Initially, the Hammond B3 was at home in churches, until it entered the jazz scene in the mid-20th century. In this episode, Mostert teams up with the Dallas-born vocalist Dede Priest. She’s renowned for her raw sound. She knows how to sing blues and gospel like no other!

Musicians: Rob Mostert, Efraim Trujillo, Chris Strik, Dede Priest
Producer: In-Ovation Music
Video director: Timo Hensen
Location: Middelie, Netherlands
Year: 2016

Saturday, October 14 at 17:00 CEST | The Jazzinvaders & Dr. Lonnie Smith

Club credibility comes from years of inspiration and hard work and Phil Martin, the creative captain of the Jazzinvaders (and Social Beats), knows exactly how to get there. From his musical vision, the Jazzinvaders have already reached and touched so many musical lovers globally, from those who dare to go beyond everyday club scenes. Today, the Invaders are spreading their message even stronger. That’s What You Say! was definitely one of the most heartfelt sayings when Hammond legend Dr. Lonnie Smith shared the studio with The Jazzinvaders in the summer of 2012

Musicians: Jazzinvaders, Rolf Delfors, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Linda Bloemhard, Jan van Duikeren, Guido Nijs, Berthil Busstra, Ton van der Kolk, Phil Martin
Location: LantarenVenster, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2012

Saturday, October 14 at 18:30 CEST | Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames

Georgie Fame is Yeah, Yeah! and The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde, but with his unmistakable voice and his special Hammond organ sound, he is also a past master of R&B. Now Georgie Fame is making a triumphal comeback with The Blue Flames.

Musicians: Georgie Fame, Dave Cliff, James Powell, Brian Odjeas, Guy Baker, Steve Georgie
Provider: EuroArts Music International
Video director: Ulli Pfau
Location: Germany
Year: 2000

Saturday, October 14 at 20:00 CEST| Legends of Jazz: The Killer Bs

With the exception of Stingray DJAZZ, there is hardly any jazz on television. Jazz pianist and broadcaster Ramsey Lewis has addressed this vacuum with his program series Legends of Jazz. This interesting series brings together musicians who are not usually paired. This episode celebrates the world-renowned Hammond B3 organ's role in jazz, and take a look back at the legends who helped take the B3 out of the church and auditorium and into the smoky clubs, roadhouses and recording studios where it gained its fame. Joey DeFrancesco (a former B3 prodigy who made his debut recording at the tender age of 18) talks about his relationship with the B3, and with the instrument's most famous proponent, the late great Jimmy Smith. Dr. Lonnie Smith, a giant of the B3 since the 1960s, discusses those legendary days, while both artists talk about the part they have played in the current global renaissance the "Killer B" is enjoying. Joey and Lonnie perform individually and together in this high-energy episode. There are not many instances where two great organ players come together on the same stage. Joey DeFrancesco and Dr. Lonnie Smith practically burn the studio down with their high-energy performances.

Musicians: Joey DeFranscesco, Dr. Lonnie Smith
Producer: Larry Rosen
Video director: Jack Ginay
Location: LRS Media Studios, Chicago, Unites States
Year: 2006

Saturday, October 14 at 21:00 CEST| Comblain-la-Tour Jazz Festival: Jimmy McGriff Trio

As one of the best Hammond B3 organ players, Jimmy McGriff (1936-2008) is often lost among great soul-jazz organists from his hometown of Philadelphia. Of the major soul-jazz pioneers, he was the bluesiest and often insisted that he was more of a blues musician than a jazz artist. Regardless, he remained eclectic enough to blur the lines of genres. His sound - deep, down-to-earth grooves drenched in blues and gospel feeling - made him popular with R&B audiences. This 1965 performance is part of the Comblain-la-Tour Jazz Festival.

Musicians: Richard Easley, Thornel Schwartz, Jimmy McGriff
Producer: Sonuma
Video director: Sebastian Lami Dozo
Location: Comblain-la-Tour, Belgium
Year: 1965

Saturday, October 14 at 21:45 CEST| Sven Hammond Soul: Live in Tivoli

Although its music might sound like the sound track of any 1970s American car chase movie, the band Sven Hammond Soul is from the Netherlands. This steaming soul machine is headed by Sven Figee, who prefers to attack rather than play his Hammond organ. In April 2012, the band was augmented with vocalist Jenny Lane. This concert was recorded at Utrecht’s Tivoli in 2012.

Musicians: Sven Hammond Soul
Producer: LAGUZ Productions
Video director: Geert Albarda
Video provider: VG-Music
Location: Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Year: 2012