East Coast Saturday

June 10


When it comes to jazz, some like it hot, and others prefer to keep it cool.  During the weekend of June 10 and 11, Stingray DJAZZ presents a battle between West and East Coast jazz.

The face-off begins on Saturday, June 10, when legendary bop masters play their energetic, virtuoso East Coast improvisations on Stingray DJAZZ. Enjoy the art of Thelonious Monk, Dexter Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie and Art Blakey.

In the 1940s, when big bands went out of style and the swing era ended, new forms of jazz emerged on the American east and west coasts. Played by smaller ensembles, these new styles became known as West Coast jazz and East Coast jazz, the musicians themselves rarely distinguishing between the two.

East Coast jazz is associated with the energetic and virtuoso bop sound that blossomed in 1940s and 50s New York. It featured frenetic melody different from the contrapuntal style of West Coast jazz, which utilized larger ensembles and more exotic instrument combination.  

Critics generally favoured East Coast jazz. It was trickier to navigate and not as laid-back, arguably offering more musical tension than its West Coast counterpart, which was likened to cool jazz, as opposed to the East Coast’s hot jazz.

On Saturday, June 10 at 17:40 CEST, Stingray DJAZZ presents a 1966 concert by jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Monk. With its dissonant improvisations, unpredictable tonal changes and unexpected silences, Monk’s style is unique in East Coast jazz. Drummer Art Blakey (21:00 CEST) worked regularly with Monk and other bebop legends such as Dizzy Gillespie (22:00 CEST) and Charlie Parker. Tune in to Stingray DJAZZ for performances by John Coltrane (15:15 CEST), Sonny Rollins (16:10 CEST) and Dexter Gordon (18:40 CEST).

Saturday, June 10 at 14:00 CEST | Sarah Vaughan Live in '58 & 64: The Divine One

Sarah Vaughan: Live in '58 & 64 features the ‘Divine One’ in her prime, wrapping her sultry voice around jazz standards such as Lover Man, Misty and I Got Rhythm and soaring on popular show tunes such as Over The Rainbow and Maria. One of the greatest voices of the 20th Century, her renditions of songs by Harold Arlen, Leonard Bernstein, Johnny Burke, the Gershwins and Stephen Sondheim are pure diva magic. These three performances demonstrate why Sarah Vaughan is invariably mentioned in the same breath as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

Musicians: Sarah Vaughan, Richard Davis, Ronnell Bright, Art Morgan, Buster Williams, Kirk Stuart, George Hughes
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Sweden (1958 & 1964), Holland (1958)

Year: 1958

Saturday, June 10 at 15:15 CEST | John Coltrane's Holy Grail: Live in '60 & '61

John Coltrane: Live in '60 & ‘61 provides an epic overview of a true giant of 20th-century music. Three separate shows reveal Coltrane's ascending creative arc from hard bop innovator as a member of the Miles Davis Quartet in 1960 to consummate bandleader in 1961. This recording not only features Trane's classic quartet with Elvin Jones (drums), Jimmy Garrison (bass) and McCoy Tyner (piano), but also spotlights him onstage with other jazz legends including Stan Getz, Eric Dolphy and Oscar Peterson. The concerts include mind-blowing versions of his signature tunes My Favorite Things and Impressions.

Musicians: John Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz, Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tuner, Reggie Workman, Elvin Jones
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Germany
Year: 1960

Saturday, June 10 at 16:10 CEST | Newk in Denmark: Sonny Rollins Live in '65 & '68

Sonny Rollins: Live in '65 & '68 features two intimate concerts filmed in the ’60s for Danish television at the pinnacle of one of his most creative periods. Rollins is joined by some of the most legendary sidemen in jazz history, including 19-year-old Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, drum master Alan Dawson and pianist Kenny Drew. The performances feature two incredible versions of his signature tune St. Thomas, and reinforce why Sonny Rollins’ incomparable style and genius continue to influence new generations of young jazz musicians.

Musicians: Sonny Rollins, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Alan Dawson, Kenny Drew, Albert Heath
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Tivoli Hall, Kopenhagen, Denmark
Year: 1965

Saturday, June 10 at 17:40 CEST | It's Monk's Time: Thelonious Monk Live in '66

Thelonious Monk: Live in '66 features two intimate concerts filmed three days apart in Scandinavia in the Spring of 1966 with a legendary quartet that includes drummer Ben Riley, bassist Larry Gales and tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse. Thelonious Monk revolutionized jazz with his innovative musical approach and these remarkable performances allow viewers the rare opportunity to experience Monk’s genius up close on his classic compositions Blue Monk, Epistrophy and ’Round Midnight.

Musicians: Thelonious Monk, Charlie Rouse, Larry Gales, Ben Riley
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Norway and Denmark
Year: 1966

Saturday, June 10 at 18:40 CEST | Long Tall Dex: Dexter Gordon Live in '63 & '64

Dexter Gordon: Live in '63 & '64 features three concerts filmed in 1963 and 1964 in Holland, Switzerland and Belgium that highlight the bebop legend's classic style and silky tone. Filmed while Dexter was living in Europe, these shows feature legendary side musicians such as Art Taylor (drums) and Kenny Drew (piano) and jazz classics Blues Walk, A Night In Tunisia, Body And Soul and others. One of the most influential saxophonists in jazz history (both John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins claim him as an influence), Dexter Gordon is captured in sharp form and style on this 70-minute tour de force.

Musicians: Dexter Gordon, George Gruntz, Guy Pedersen, Daniel Hamair, Kenny Drew, Gilbert Rovere, Art Taylor
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Holland (1964), Switzerland (1963) & Belgium (1964)
Year: 1963

Saturday, June 10 at 20:00 CEST | The Blue Note Masters

Ron Carter, Bobby Hutcherson and Joe Chambers are legends of Blue Note Records. They have established themselves as forward-thinking and inventive band leaders, composers and studio musicians, astonishing audiences around the world with their creativity and technical versatility.

Musicians: Ron Carter, Bobby Hutcherson, Javon Jackson, Joe Chambers, Kevin Hays
Producer: EuroArts Music International, SDR, Opus
Video director: Andreas Missler-Morell
Location: Jazz Open, Stuttgart, Germany
Year: 1997

Saturday, June 10 at 21:00 CEST | Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: Live in '58

Art Blakey: Live in '58 features what many consider to be one of the finest line-ups in the history of jazz—Art Blakey (drums), Bobby Timmons (piano), Jymie Merritt (bass), Benny Golson (sax) and the legendary trumpet player, Lee Morgan. Lost for nearly 50 years, this historic 55-minute concert, filmed in Belgium in 1958, one month to the day after they recorded their masterpiece Moanin', is the only known visual document of this influential band that was together for only six months.

Musicians: Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Benny Golson, Bobby Timmons, Jymie Merrit
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Belgium's Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium
Year: 1958

Saturday, June 10 at 22:00 CEST | John Birks 'Dizzy' Gillespie: Live in '58 & '70

Dizzy Gillespie: Live in '58 & '70 features two historic concerts from one of the founding fathers of bebop. Filmed 12 years apart, the 1958 concert features Dizzy working eloquently within the small combo structure of a quintet including such influential musicians as sax player Sonny Stitt and bassist Ray Brown. The second show focuses on a completely different side of Dizzy, fronting the legendary Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band. With a 16-piece big band to conduct, including two drummers, his Latin influences are revealed on Con Alma and Manteca.

Musicians: Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt, Lou Levy, Ray Brown, Gus Johnson, Tony Coe, Derek Humble, Ronnie Scoot, Art Farmer
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Year & Location: Belgium (1958), Denmark (1970)

Saturday, June 10 at 23:25 CEST | Jazz Icon Cannonball Adderley Live in '63

30 minutes of... Cannonball Adderley boasts a beautifully filmed concert from one of the most celebrated sextets in jazz history, captured at the top of their game. Cannonball Adderley (alto sax), Nat Adderley (cornet) and the masterful Yusef Lateef (tenor sax, flute, oboe), provide a massive three-horn frontline attack, while the stellar rhythm section featuring a pre-Weather Report Joe Zawinul (piano), Sam Jones (bass) and Louis Hayes (drums) fuel the songs with a deep infectious swing. Quincy Jones’ Jessica’s Day leaps from the gate with a huge big band sound that is extraordinary for only six musicians. This recording is a reminder that Cannonball Adderley was one of the most outstanding and highly respected alto saxophonists in the history of jazz, a blues-based jazzman who could play anything in superb fashion.

Musicians: Cannonball Adderley, Nat Adderley, Yusef Lateef, Joe Zawinul, Sam Jones, Louis Hayes
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: Baden-Baden, Germany
Year: 1963