Hammond B3 Greats – Rhoda Scott & Dr. Lonnie Smith

July 3


Enjoy the great sounds of the Hammond organ on Stingray DJAZZ the evening of July 3. Two great Hammond legends, Dr. Lonnie Smith (75) and Rhoda Scott (79) share a birthday on this date. At 21:00 CEST, watch Dr. Lonnie Smith perform with The Jazzinvaders at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam. The evening closes with Rhoda Scott and gospel singer La Velle bringing blues and soul in a beautiful setting at the Jazz à Vienne Festival.

In 1934, American inventor Laurens Hammond patented what would become his greatest invention: the Hammond organ. At first the instrument was used in churches as a cheap alternative to the expensive pipe organ, but soon the Hammond organ would become a prominent instrument within the jazz, rock and gospel genre. Of all models, the Hammond-B3 is still the most popular organ.

Hammond pioneer Lonnie Smith was raised in a musical family. As a child, he was plunged into the music of gospel, blues and jazz. After starting out as a vocalist, he focused on mastering the Hammond organ. Smith can be heard on over 70 albums and has played with jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Ron Carter. A lot of his albums were released on the illustrious Blue Note label. Smith’s tracks are sampled in countless dance, hip hop and house tracks. He earned his nickname “Dr.” from fellow musicians due to his penchant for doctoring up tunes with his unique improvisations, which can be heard at 21:00 CEST on Stingray DJAZZ.

After Dr. Lonnie Smith and the Jazzinvaders, Rhoda Scott takes centre stage. Scott was raised in New Jersey, where at a young age she was already accompanying different choirs at the local church on the organ. In 1967, she flew across the pond to settle in France, where she has had a successful career. In Vienna, she performs with singer La Velle for a wonderful evening of blues, soul and gospel. 

Monday, July 3 at 21:00 CEST | The Jazzinvaders & Dr. Lonnie Smith

Anyone who loves dancing to jazz can’t ignore The Jazzinvaders. The band was formed in 2005 when DJ, percussionist and producer Phil Martin and the brass section of the hard bop jazz group The Houdini’s decided to work together. The music is best described as a danceable mix of hard bop, bossa nova and Latin jazz. The Jazzinvaders perform with Dr. Lonnie Smith at the Lantaarnvenster in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Performers: Dr. Lonnie Smith , Jazzinvaders, Rolf Delfos, Linda Bloemhard, Jan van Duikeren, Guido Nijs, Berthil Busstra, Ton van der Kolk, Phil Martin
Location: LantarenVenster, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2012

Monday, July 3 at 22:40 CEST | Rhoda Scott & La Velle: Hammond, Soul and Blues

Rhoda Scott, an American soul and jazz organist, spent most of her career in France where she earned recognition far greater than that accorded to her in the United States. There was never any doubt about what instrument she would play as a child. "It's really the most beautiful instrument in the world,” she once stated in an interview. “The first thing I did was take my shoes off and work the pedals.” This performance on the French Festival Jazz à Vienne is extra special. Not only because of the beautiful location, but also because she shares the stage with the American gospel and blues singer La Velle. Together they give an intimate and beautiful show in the antique theatre of Vienne.

Performers: Rhoda Scott, La Velle
Producer : Zykopolis Productions
Video Director : Patrick Savey
Location: Jazz à Vienne Festival, France
Year : 2011