Tribute to Montgomery by Beets & Goudsmit

September 20 at 21:00 CEST


Tune in to Stingray DJAZZ on Wednesday night, September 20 at 21:00 CEST and join us in a tribute to revolutionary jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. As opening act, the Peter Beets Trio pays homage to the master, before 'the man himself' graces your screen at 22:30 CEST with rare 1965 concert footage showing the masterful guitar wizard at work!

Wes Montgomery (1923-1968) is one of the most influential jazz guitarists in music history. His impact on the genre is on par with that of the great Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian. Wes’ characteristic way of plucking the strings with the side of his thumb resulted in a unique sound. 

Whereas Montgomery focused on hard bop and post-bop until the mid-1960s, his style shifted towards fusion and smooth jazz. When his recordings became increasingly pop-oriented, they left less room for his brilliant improvisations. 

Montgomery died of a heart attack in his hometown of Indianapolis in 1968, when he was at the height of his career. Great guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Pat Martino and Steve Lukather have named him a great influence on their style.

Wednesday, September 20 at 21:00 CEST | Peter Beets Trio & Goudsmit: Tribute to Montgomery

Musicians: Peter Beets, Marius Beets, Anton Goudsmit, Joost van Schalk
Producer: HVCP Videoproducties
Location: Bimhuis, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Year: 2016

Wednesday, September 20 at 22:30 CEST | European Tour: Wes Montgomery Live in '65

Wes Montgomery: Live in '65 shines a light on one of the most unique and influential guitarists in music history. These beautifully filmed programs from the spring of 1965 feature Wes, in intimate studio settings, leading three different line-ups through some of his best-known tunes, including Four On Six, Jingles and West Coast Blues. This rare footage, complete with rehearsals, between-song banter and close-up camera angles, illuminates Wes's extraordinary musical vocabulary and unconventional picking technique.

Musicians: Wes Montgomery, Ruud Jacobs, Pim Jacobs, Han Bennink, Arthur Harper, Harold Mabern, Jimmy Lovelace, Rick Laird, Stan Tracey, Jackie Dougan
Producer: Reelin’ in the Years
Video director: Tom Gullota
Location: The Netherlands, Belgium, England 
Year: 1965